The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) Natural Resources Damages (NRD) Recovery Fund consists of $17.4 million from Shell Oil Company and the U.S. Army for natural resources restoration around or offsite the RMA.

The Trustees have invited updates to the proposals that were submitted in 2012 and met the initial Screening and Evaluation Criteria. Between February and July 2014, the RMA Recovery Fund Working Group—comprised of representatives of local jurisdictions and nonprofit organizations whose proposals met the screening criteria—will work together to develop consensus recommendations on project funding to deliver to the Colorado Natural Resources Trustees for utilizing the Recovery Fund. Through meetings, presentations, revisions of proposals, site visits, and discussions, the Working Group will develop a package of proposed projects to submit for review and decision by the Colorado Natural Resources Trustees in July 2014.

The schedule below outlines meetings and activities leading up to the presentation of proposed projects to the Trustees. Links to relevant documents and meeting summaries will be provided as the process moves forward.


Dates and Activities                                

Specific Objectives                                                      

Associated Document(s)                                                                                                                                                           

February 27, 2014: Trustees Meeting

  • Colorado Natural Resources Trustees’ representatives and Recovery Fund Working Group members provide overview of loan repayment framework and expected process for proposal submittals to the Trustees.
  • Colorado Natural Resources Trustees approve framework and schedule.
  • Trustee Meeting Packet



March 20, 2014: Working Group Meeting #1

  • Project proponents provide general updates on proposals.
  • Colorado Natural Resources Trustees representatives provide Working Group members with the standard format for the complete proposal.
  • Meeting Summary
  • Updated Project Proposals
  • Format for Complete Proposals


 20 March Meeting Summary

April 21, 2014: Updated Initial Complete Proposals (ICPs) Due



  • Project proponents submit updated proposals.

May 7, 2014: Working Group Meeting #2

  • Trustees’ representatives review updated proposals against NRD criteria.
  • Project proponents provide additional information and respond to questions about proposals.


Draft 7 May Meeting Summary

May 19, 2014: Deadline for Formal Complete Proposals (FCPs)

  • Project proponents submit FCPs. Click on the individual project links to the right to view the FCPs.

May 27-29, 2014: Presentations to Trustee Agencies



  • Question and answer sessions at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) during which the project proponents deliver 20- minute presentations before State managers and technical experts.


July 7, 2014: Working Group Meeting #3


  • The Working Group coordinates on the development of a package of proposals that does not exceed available Recovery Fund resources.

June 9-24, 2014: Site Visits



  • Project proponents host State representatives on visits to the proposed sites.

September 26, 2014: Final Proposal Presentations


  • Recovery Fund Working Group makes formal presentation of proposed packages and funding requests to the Colorado Natural Resources Trustees.


 Final Proposals and Supporting Documents

1.  Restoring Bird Habitat in the Northeast Metro Region, Sand Creek Regional Greenway and Environment for the Americas

2.  Bluff Lake Aquatic Habitat Improvement, Bluff Lake Nature Center

3.  Ken Mitchell Open Space and South Platte River Wildlife Habitat Restoration, City of Brighton

4.  Montbello Open Space and Trailhead to the Refuge, Environmental Learning for Kids

5.  Northside Park Restoration and Conversion Project, City and County of Denver

6.  Platte Farm Open Space, Groundwork Denver

7.  Restoration of Second Creek Channel and Creation of Water Quality Pond, Commerce City

8.  South Platte River Acquisition, Adams County

9.  Triple Creek Greenway Corridor Property Acquisitions, City of Aurora

10.  Westerly Creek North Park and Prairie Upland Park, City and County of Denver

11.  Regional Restoration Master Plan 2014 Appendix